5/12/2004 - Fixed bug (hopefully) where preceeding whitespace caused window to open with extra "http://"

1/25/2004 - Added support for "https://" URLs

1/8/2004 - Added support for already linked URLs

Download Here

Before you download: I highly suggest you look into using Mozilla's Firefox browser instead of Internet Explorer. It's a much more modern browser, and you can use the Plain Text Links extension to do the same thing this script would and more. But if you can't use Firefox for some reason, then I suppose this should work just fine for you.

There are now two ways to get the script. You can get the installer, which will do everything for you, including a uninstall method, or you can grab it in a Zip File to install it manually. If you download the Zip file, be sure to read the README.txt file for instructions on how to properly install it.

What is BrowseTo?

Browse to is a little script I hacked together in order to launch highlighted text urls on a web page in a new window. I find that sometimes I will come across a unlinked URL somewhere like a email or a news article that I want to visit, but I'd rather not have to go through copying and pasting it into the browser address bar. Mozilla's Firefox browser, which I use most of the time, benefits from a nice extension called Plain Text Links, which does just this. I thought it was a shame that something like this did not exist for Internet Explorer, so I went about looking into creating one. And luckily, I was able to pull it off.

How do I use BrowseTo?

As it works right now, all you have to do is highlight a plain text URL in your browser window, right-click on it, and choose "Browse To..." from the drop-down menu. The link should then open in a new browser window. Try it with this one, if you have the script installed: www.straightnochaser.org

Also: You can now highlight an already hyperlinked URL and open it in a new window. This was added primarily as a request to defeat Hotmail's outgoing links frame, so now you can highlight any URL in Hotmail, linked or unlinked, and open it in a new browser window without Hotmail's top frame! Thanks to Robert Seery for finding the proper mask value.


What are the requirements for using BrowseTo?

Obviously, you need Internet Explorer, version 5.0 or higher, and a version of Windows 98 or greater. I think. It's been tested in 98, 2000 and XP at least.

Does it cost anything?

Nope! But, if you are feeling especially thankful or generous, I of course have an Amazon wishlist. :)

Do you care if I modify it?

Hell no, go right ahead. Make it better, make it something else entirely. I just ask that you distriubute and use it according to the Gnu Public Licence if you do.

The file you would need to edit will be called BrowseTo.htm, and should be located in the "Web" folder of your windows directory ("windows" on win9x and XP, I think, and "WINNT" on win2k and NT).

Who do I call for support?

Your momma. Actually, if you have any problems, you can email me at browseto2 [at] straightnochaser.org and I'll try to help you out. No guarantees, though, this script is provided as is with no promises.