Tom Hirashima

Front-end developer with 15+ years of experience. I work best in early-stage start-up environments, where there is lots of room to innovate and iterate. If you need someone to help build out a site from the bottom up, I am your man.

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Front-End Development
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Back-End Development
Python, PHP, Golang, Ruby



Contract Web Developer Feb 2017 - Feb 2018

Worked on various infrastructure projects within the company, building or maintaining front-end apps written in either Angular or React.

Undecidable Labs

Contract Web Developer Dec 2015 - Sep 2016

Undecidable Labs was an pre-funding stage start-up founded by the CTO and co-founder of Chomp. The core product was a multi-facted search engine and API (much like Chomp), with a website being the main search client/interface. I was in charge of that website, and worked closely with the designer and search engineer in order to build out all aspects of this site. The framework behind it was built in Revel (Golang), and I used jQuery and Mithril.js on the front-end. The bulk of the work for this project was focused on the search page, which functioned as a single-page app, displaying results in a list, with detail pages for each result, and a very detailed set of filtering/refining options for each search vertical.


Web Developer May 2015 - Jul 2015

Click2Care was a micro-crowdfunding site with a focus on non-profit orgs. I was brought on to take ownership of the website after it was handed off from an outside development firm, and handled all further development. The site was built using Django, with an Angular 1.x front-end. On the back-end, the site interfaced with several services (which I did not write) for things like payment and recommendations/discovery.


Contract Web Developer Jan 2012 - Jan 2014

Simpleform was a small web development agency that I worked for on a number of projects between 2012 and 2014. Clients included AT&T and Mule Design.

Tugboat Yards

Contract web developer Sep 2012 - May 2013

Tugboat Yards was a crowdfunding site that existed from 2013 to 2015. I was originally brought onto the project at the design stage, building HTML wireframes for Mule Design on contract, and was later contracted directly by Tugboat Yards to help build those wireframe into the full site. Tugboat was built on Flask (Python), with your standard HTML/CSS/JS on the front-end. I was responsible for all front-end development, plus much of the controller logic involved with interacting with the front-end.


Web Developer Jun 2010 - Mar 2012

Chomp was a recommendation service for mobile apps, on both Android and iOS devices. The core product was a search engine and API, and our mobile apps and the website were all considered clients for this API. I was responsible for all development work on the website. Back-end for the site was built in Code Igniter (PHP), front-end was standard HTML/CSS/JS. I also managed a separate site that was meant to be a management console for our yet to be released app advertising platform. This console allowed for self-service advertising for app developers, and interfaced with Braintree for payment processing. I handled all aspects of development for this separate site, front-end and back-end.


Lead Front-End Developer Jun 2009 - Mar 2010

Scribd, at the time I was hired, was a self-publishing platform, designed to give authors a way to publish and sell their work online. I was hired as the senior front-end developer, responsible for helping streamline their front-end development processes. The company had no dedicated front-end developer at the time, but had several "general purpose" developers, who did both front and back end development, but were not really front-end specialists at all. The site itself was built in Ruby on Rails. I was brought on to set some best practices for front-end development at the company, plus to help out with a major site redesign at the same time.


Front-End Developer Oct 2005 - Apr 2009

I started at Yelp when there were only two other full-time developers working on the site, neither of which were very experienced with front-end development. Most of the front-end work had been done by a contractor previously, and was built using table-based layouts. I took on all front-end development tasks, and was the sole front-end developer for the first two years I worked at the company. I started with a very basic understanding of JavaScript at the time, and my skills associated with the language grew as the site added more and more JS-heavy features. This is also where I learned Python, as the site was built on a home-grown Python framework. Working at Yelp taught me a lot of the skills that I know today, and was an invaluable learning experience.


Contract Web Developer May 2005 - Oct 2005

Fluid is a design firm that I did HTML/CSS work for on various project in 2005. Clients included The North Face, Jansport and Timberland.


Web UI Developer Feb 2003 - May 2005

McAfee was the first job I had as an actual developer. My job mostly consisted of building out and managing partner sites and localized versions of our product pages for over 12 different languages. This involved managing XML and XSLT templates, plus working closely with our translation and QA teams, which were both located overseas.


University of Oregon

Sep 1994 - May 1999
Bachelor of Fine Arts - Photography